Who we are

We are a home of hope and inspiration for vulnerable young mothers and their children and stand as a bridge, connecting them with opportunities to resilient solutions to achieve desired life destinies.

Young Strong Mothers Foundation (YSMF) is registered as a non-governmental, non-profit and non partisan organization. It was officially registered in February 9, 2015 under registration certificate number 00NGO/00007768, issued by the Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children. YSMF operates in Tanzania mainland with the main office located in Morogoro Municipality.

YSMF was founded by Ms. Jackie Leonard Bomboma, a survivor of teenage pregnancy, together with her daughter Rose Samwel Mayunga with the aim of using their rough past and struggle to find opportunities and achievement stories as a weapon to inspire, empower, motivate, advocate and fight against young mother’s discrimination and stigmas to restore their pathways to desired human life destinies.

Board of directors

Mr. Hans Mhalila
Board Chair of YSMF
Ms. Jackie Leonard Bomboma
Secretary of YSMF Board of Directors
Madam Rhoda Mbwana Francis
Board Member of YSMF
Mr. Christian Sambara
Board Member of YSMF
Ms. Rose Samwel Mayunga
Board Member of YSMF
Ms. Helmina Msalilwa
Board Member of YSMF

Executive team

Ms. Jackie Leonard Bomboma
Founder and CEO of YSMF
Prisila Emily Somboi
Program Officer
Esther Kwai
Secretary of YSMF
Mr. Dickson Mngelele
Finance Officer
Ms. Rose Samwel Mayunga
Co-Founder of YSMF