Our impact

YSMF managed to reach and support 760 teen and young mothers age 11 to 24 in 8 wards of Morogoro Municipal from 2015 to 2019.

We have managed to reconnect families and young mothers who were kicked out of their homes through conducting home visits with the aim of educating the parents and care givers the advantages of giving a second chance to their girl and disadvantages of not investing on them.

YSMF managed to advocate for partners and stakeholders to invest on young mothers by funding our projects, offer physical and emotional support and offering second chance opportunities to colleges and employment.

134 young mothers graduated from vocational institutes and are now enjoying a better and respectful life, earn a decent payments and contributing to community development.

YSMF managed to buy 10 acres of land at Kiegea B, located in 15kms from Dodoma main road where the home of hope and inspiration for resilient solutions for young mothers will develop.