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Volunteering with YSMF

Young Strong Mothers Foundation (YSMF) stands as a home of hope, solutions and inspiration for vulnerable teens and young mothers aged 11 to 24. We have various programs which give them an opportunity to rebuild their lost dreams and become strong women.

YSMF welcomes individuals and organizations who want to join our effort through investing their time, skills or resources to give a second chance to the teen and young mothers registered in YSMF. These are unpaid volunteers positions, 2-10 hours, 2-6 month, rural and urban areas. We need volunteers for various assignments including:

If you are interested and have the skills mentioned or any skills that are suitable for teens and young mothers, please apply by filling the form below.

Sponsor a teen, young mother or their children to join school, vocational training institute or college

Teen and young mothers are school dropouts. Most of them didn’t complete their secondary studies and have been kicked out of school. Your donation, contribution and in-kind support will give a second chance to receive an education. Contact us to take action.

Contributing education materials for adolescent girls, young mothers and their children in schools, vocational institutes and colleges

1 pen, pencil, book, school bag or uniform can help a girl stay in class.