Tunza Mtoto Initiative – a childcare program for children belonging to registered young mothers

Due to experiences collected so far not only young mothers but even their children are disregarded, discriminated and looked upon as pariahs by members of their mothers’ families and the surrounding community. They are being called derogatory names such as bastards, illegitimate kid, etc.

People are supposed to show mercy to these children not as the treatment similarly meted to their teenage mothers who were kicked out of school, out of home and left to live a life without any support. Let’s ask ourselves how is it the child’s fault? These are the leaders and parents of tomorrow, if we don’t put our mind on them how will they survive to escape poverty, teenage pregnancy, child abuse, early marriage and becoming street children?

YSMF sees these children as seeds currently growing in a desert; however, it is essential to invest enough effort for them to grow without hardships. For such investment to be realized YSMF extends its support through:-

  • Nutrition Programs
  • School Materials for kindergarten and pre-primary education
  •  Clothes and playing toys.
  • We are also looking for sponsors for long term support.
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