Prevention of Teenage Pregnancy to Adolescent Girls

Tanzania is just like all other countries where teen pregnancy and early childbearing are complex issues which have attracted a great deal of attention from Non Government Organization and Government Worldwide.

Many experience and research from various sources has clearly indicate that adolescent pregnancy is associated with a variety of factors and it is not simply a problem of teens having unprotected sexual intercourse at an early age. For many young people, the issues related to early pregnancy and childbearing include much broader family, social, economic, cultural, and psychological factors, including high maximum poverty from families,  lack of educational capacity for many peoples, lack of right information on sex and relationships to adolescent ones,  and sexual abuse. A further complicating factor is that adult men are frequently the fathers of children born to young girls not only from boys of the same age.

These complexities pose particular challenges to pregnancy prevention program planners. It must be recognized that there is no "magic solution" to teen pregnancy nor will a single intervention work for all teens. Government and Communities should not look for immediately lower pregnancy or birth rates over a short period because the process is time-consuming, requires affirmation from young people, and a serious commitment of financial resources. To reach a broad teen audience, programmers need to implement a combination of strategies and involve all key members of the community.

With little resources that YSMF has we have done our best to see that we are part of tackling this problem through various prevention programs and the following is our mainly strategies and what we have done as well as implementation of our future programs

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