Home Visiting Program

YSMF organizes regular visits to the parental homes of the supported teenage mothers’ families and meet with their parents or care giver. This program helps the organization to recreate and build the lost relationship with their girls, educating them on how important it is to support teenage mothers and not discriminating them. YSMF also encourage them to re-build trust and create bond between the foundation and the communities. The visits also offer good opportunity to find out other challenges in existence and hence offer possible solutions.

We have managed to meet with all 250 adolescent girls and 576 families parents and care givers of young mothers in personal and strengthen the relationship through often communicating, invite them to attend our events or seminars, involve them in various programs that has been introduces and also support them when need support.

Due to experiences collected so far not only young mothers but even their children are disregarded, discriminated and looked upon as pariahs by members of their mothers’ families and the surrounding community. They are being called derogatory names such as bastards, illegitimate kid, etc.

People are supposed to show mercy to these children not as the treatment similarly meted to their teenage mothers who were kicked out of school, out of home and left to live a life without any support. Let’s ask ourselves how is it the child’s fault? These are the leaders and parents of tomorrow, if we don’t put our mind on them how will they survive to escape poverty, teenage pregnancy, child abuse

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