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YSMF will motivate and will sow inside seeds of encouragement, success, victory, overcoming, hard working strong woman, self sacrifice, commitment , self awareness, hope, self respect, determination, courage, confidence, self belief and many more which will help teen mothers to become the wife material, best mothers, good business woman, good firmer, speaker, teacher to others and other fruitfully person in ourselves. Also that a teen mother is not a second hand woman but they a young and strong beautiful woman and mother.

With the aim of helping Young Single Mothers who are school dropout due to teen pregnancy, abandoned by men, responsible, schools and families or due to early marriage caused by traditional norm of some ethnic groups within the country by helping them to re-build their childhood dreams, find and raising their skills and talents as well as get them through their financial issues.

Being a parent is one of the hardest things one can do but raising a child as a young single mother is exponentially more difficult. Young and single mothers take personal responsibilities as well as for their children and become twice the living which course significant emotion strain as well as the overwhelming financial, health, education and homeless stress.

We aim to provide educational, material, financial and legal support to young single mothers so that they can focus on raising their children by providing a happy and stress free environment but also by helping and support young single mothers we believe that we can help in reducing the number of street children and decrease the number of HIV/AIDS and other sexual diseases transition.

A girl of 16 years old got pregnancy, the boyfriend runs away or denies the pregnancy, where in most cases many indigenous families tend to chase them away from home as well as school, the situation that draws a great weary future what can she do to make her live as well as for her child? Here is where three options come:

  1. Abortion, 
  2. Abandon the child and
  3. Prostitution 

Aloof which are dangerous means but unavoidable due to the circumstances surrounding her.
Sometimes is lack of sexual and reproduction education, most of time is poverty from the family one is coming from, sometimes is pear pressure and influence but most of time poor financial instability of their families course many girls to get pregnancy at earlier age because they cannot stand the lacking of each and every need yet there is a man who is seducing her with promises of being married and have good life than home, receiving things which her parents cannot provide, long distance from home to school and sexual abuse. 

The Australian Evangelist John Mason once he said \" You were born an original, never die a copy\" The greatest tragedy will be to lose your fear of the mistakes you made and command the power of success that you had before having a child. YSMF comes in without looking at \"why\" but \"how\" can we help and support them as with no education, no parents and family support, being denied by responsible men and a child/children on back how can she build her dream? No matter what reason of her involving herself into sexual intercourses which coursed her pregnant at young age but the fact remains there that they are still kids who need support and protection. We believe that every human being make mistakes and we deserve a second chance and that is why YSMF becomes A Home of Hope and Inspirations to all young single mothers by supporting them with our main goals are as following below: 

  • To promote a positive and supportive attitudes towards teen mothers and single mothers.
  • To prevent teen pregnancies, sexual diseases including HIV/AIDS
  • To enable single mothers and teen mothers to cope with the situation and build trust that they can have their independent life and take care of their children by rebuilding and working on their dreams, talents and skills.
  • To influence public and social policies that affect teen mothers and their children
  • To ensure a healthy single mother as well as initiate nutrition development to Pregnancy, Breast feeding and children of young single mothers.
  • To provide legal aid single to young mothers as well as to early forced married, divorced one and widows.
  • To empower a teen and single mothers so that they can have source of income generating to manage their living as well as the life of their child/children.
  • To encourage and train leadership among them. 
  • To build them into women who can stand for their rights and wife materials.
  • To support them educationally for those who are willing to study in school/college/university by funding them.
  • To support girl child from young single mothers by educating them, training and physiologically support. 

We believe that with the goals above YSMF will be able to reach every young single mother in Tanzania Mainland and bring smiles and happy families as well as to reduce poverty in our country as its all well known that women play a big part in increasing development of the family as well as country once they are given an opportunity but also “behind every successful man there is a strong woman behind”. 

Our main weakness so far is the financial aspect. We are working hard in raising funds from individuals and organization. Raising funds from individuals is very difficult in Tanzania as the discrimination against teen mothers is very high in Tanzania and Africa in general and people tend to blame them (girls) for being "naughty" and the responsibility mainly rest on the girls. In many testimonies, the participants mentioned that they were rejected from families, men, relatives, schools and others institutions.

All of them were unemployed and out of school. That was the end of their dreams but as the Home of Hope and Inspirations; we will give a second chance of education, stand as the bridge of hope to them and raise their voiceless to the society, government and non-government organization to see that they get back to school after birth, leadership opportunity, financially stable, nutrition development, as well as psychology mind set to motive and encourage them to slay the reality of the end of their lives but it's the beginning of a second chance. 

Our organization is still young. We intend to do an analysis to analyses our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats after at least 3 years in order to develop strategic planning and improve our organization to support each and every support and make a life enjoyable to young single mothers and their children. 
We request for any support individually or group wide to help us meet our mission as planned. Even advice and comment is a support that we still need. Visit our office, lets hear from you, email us, call us, we will be glad to hear or see you around YSMF.

For now YSMF aims to focus mainly on registration, recruitment and finding teen mothers, counseling, community work, sexual and HIV/AIDS, education, Nutrition Development, Motivation seminars, Leadership and self-skills and talents as well as job training. We use a participatory and a people centered approach in delivering our services but through media and seminars to bring awareness.

Our main approach in creating action groups in community is the participatory approach in which women participate from planning, implementation to management and evaluation of their projects. The main challenge that we have in meeting this goal is that communities have been used with the old approach of receiving direct funds from organizations. Therefore the expectations are often very high in the beginning with women wanting to start big projects that will generate plenty of money. However with the people centered approach skills we are able to overcome the challenge.

In the future we intend to strengthen the action clubs for single mothers' projects also called "self-help groups" and reinforce the counseling program by introducing educational groups on sexuality and reproduction and life skills groups for adolescent girls and boys. We are also planning to organize workshop with nurses national and international motivation speakers and other relevant professionals to promote a friendly approach when dealing with young single mothers, pregnant teenagers and girl child. Moreover, we intent to organize campaigns with the aim to encourage teen mothers to go for prenatal consultations, we also intent to support teen mothers providing with professional training and educating them in sexual and reproductive health.

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