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Pregnancies Destroying Lives, Dreams, And Futures of Tanzanian girls between 12 years old to 17 years old.
Pregnancies Destroying Lives, Dreams, And Futures of Tanzanian girls between 12 years old to 17 years old.

As any other country already beset by rampant crime and violence, high unemployment, racial turbulence and widespread transmission of the HIV virus, Tanzania must also contend with yet another social crisis: the soaring numbers of teenage girls who become pregnant every day and vandalize their education cycle, future and dreams. We keep loosing leaders, and good citizens who might develop the better tomorrow of our Country due to teen pregnancy.

Girls of primary and high school become school drop out due to unexpected pregnancy each year with different reasons but mainly one is poverty, lack of education to their parents, peer influence, forced young marriage, lack of courage to parents of talking to their children when at adolescent stage about sexual facts, and many more. Thereby endangering their educations and futures, while placing heavy financial burdens on their beleaguered families. Many of the new mothers are as young as 12 - 17 years old.

Men responsible big percent denies the pregnancy and being responsible for these girls where as school and most families abandon them. A girl of 14 get pregnant, abandoned by a man responsible, school as well as family, with no financial help, shelter, education or support what can she do to stay alive her pregnancy/child and herself? Most of them run into so many dangerous solutions which are abortion, and when fails they abandon their children and by doing that they increase the number of street children, if not that then prostitution which also course several sexual disease like HIV/AIDS. The number of teen mothers increase every day, how are we reducing the number of street children if we are blind on teen mothers? How are we controlling and reduce the HIV/AIDS transmission when we keep blaming these young girls and not find out what made her make that decision of involve herself in sexual intercourse?

Maternity at a young age also leads to serious health complications which lead to even death. All maternal deaths recorded in the country comprise teenage mothers.

Most of them is not their fault as why they got pregnant at young age. I met Nyamizi Kawombwe 15 years old school drop out due to pregnancy and she is a mother of 1 year old son. This is what she said, "Sister Jackie, I have been always very careful with sexual issues, i tried to protect myself as hard as i could but a time came when i had no way out than having someone to take care of my needs, i am a secondary school girl but my parents cannot give me money for transportation go school and come back home, also the school wasn't providing food or water, they couldn't provide for me soap, pads, Vaseline or anything i needed apart from food while at home and where to sleep. I met some man and told me that he will take good care of me and support me well. Indeed he started by buying me counter books, new shoes, and money for transport and to buy food while at school. I thought and knew that he is better than my parents and really a good friend. so i wasn't worried at all and all was going on well in my life. But also my parents couldn't even ask where i got things from so i knew it was a good thing. Some times when i get home my could ask me if i have some money to buy paraffin. So, I became a very important asset to my family and very supportive. Time came when i had to sleep with this man and no less than five. After some month my mother noticed that i was pregnancy and advices me to talk to that man. When i went were we used to me he was happy to see me but after telling him that i was expecting he changed and told me never ever look for him. She was chased away from school and stayed home with her family and life become twice the pain, poverty, unhappy, hard and regretful" Nyamizi now is 15 years old with one years old son, ith no support from her parents, man responsible, no education or any training how can she have better future her son and herself? How can she re-build her dreams?

Due to the fact that the number of teen pregnancy increase every day, destroying the future and dreams of young girls, lets find the way of preventing teen pregnancy and support those who are already affected. What can we do to those who impregnating young girls especially to those who are well enough financially or just take advantages of the problems the young girls faces?

Why don't we have a national campaign just like those of HIV/AIDS, CANCER,TB, ABORTION etc to prevents teen pregnancy, bring awareness to girls regarding problems will face after when impregnated at young age, and support those who are already mothers.

We are just blind and too busy to look back on these girls but they need a second chance as no matter what they are still children who need love, care, support, forgiveness and second chance. They are mothers by many reasons. In these girls/mothers are so many and amazing talents, skills, good leaders, mothers and people that the national need to develop our country tomorrow. We need them as much as they need us.

Email me, let me know what you think and let me leave you with a simple questions:-

  1. Do you think they can't be good leaders, doctors, etc because they had kids at young age?
  2. Do you think they are useless and second hand women because they had kids at young age?
  3. Do you think your support will make a different in any of these girls?
  4. Do you know what happen to people who are given second chance how they use their second chance opportunity?
  5. What will you do if your daughter, sister or any one close get pregnant at young age?

By. Jackie Leonard Bomboma
Executive Director/Founder YSMF
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