Education Opportunity

Young Strong Mothers Foundation will work together with individual, other Organization to support and help teen mothers to have a second chance in school to continue with their education after birth. Every teen mother has a reason as why she got pregnancy at young age, they are still kids who need support and other rights especially education rights to finish their education cycle. 

Lack of basic infrastructure like lack of enough teachers, books, studying materials etc has also counted as one of the source of teen pregnancy as most of students go to school and stay without any teacher be in class, have no enough studying materials they end up being idle and find themselves involving into wrong ways as its al known that "idle mind is devils kingdom" By proving classrooms, books, and other studying materials will enable student to work hard and be busy while in school.

Teen mothers with no support but having a child who need education as well. YSMF will support girl child with education opportunity by seeking for individual sponsorship for one to one children of teen mothers to see that they get proper education and education materials. We hope for the best to have enough land where we can start kindergarten school for girl-child,training school for teen mothers who will be having hand made training,household for those who are homeless and computer center which will help teen mother to learn how to use computers and train then on job issues.

We call for support in in order to over come the mission and support these teen mothers as education is the light of their future.

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