Promoting life skills education to adolescent girls in Primary and Secondary schools in Morogoro through clubs.

The coastal regions of Tanzania, which includes Morogoro region, lag behind regions in much gender related indicators. The culture in Morogoro regions is more permissive towards early initiation of sexual relations and early marriage for adolescent girls. Women in this region are being discriminated against by men because of they lack knowledge of their rights. This lack of knowledge contributes greatly to low self-esteem among women and adolescent girls and compromises their ability to acquire education, engage in economic and income generation activities.   Young Strong Mothers Foundation (YSMF) is implementing  the Empowering Girls Agenda Project (EGAP) through establishment of life skills school clubs aimed at strengthening life-skills and improving sexual and reproductive health among 400 adolescent girls (10-18 years) in Morogoro Municipality in Tanzania Mainland funded by Equality Now Organization. It is a 1 year project.


OUTCOMES (Specific Objectives)

life skills

Improved life-skills among adolescent Women and girls


Increased awareness on sexual and reproductive health among adolescent girls


Increased participation of community stakeholders in addressing the adolescent girl challenge.


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