Health Services

Promoting Health service, access and Right Information to adolescent girls and teenage mothers.

a) YSMF firstly promoting young mothers’ wellbeing through mental health awareness and counseling. Most of teenage mothers walk with fear, shame, guiltiness, maximum poverty and live with no support. Most of them have no one around to solve their problems, advice or help them understand according to their age. This program aim at providing practical, emotional and mental health support to young mothers in the community. YSMF team encouraged young mothers to connect with support and mental health professionals, as well as a peer support network. The group served to reduce young mothers’ isolation by providing a network of supportive peers who shared similar past experiences and future challenges.

b) YSMF train young mothers on various issues through seminars and workshop. Issues related to health such as HIV/AIDS and other transmitted diseases, Personal and Home Hygienic, Nutrition for their children, Breast feeding and provide answers from a profession doctors on various issues regarding health issues.