Economic Empowerment For Girls and Teenage Mothers

Young mothers live under maximum poverty due to the fact that they have no education or skills to face the highly competitive job-market. Due to lack of skills,knowledge and financial support they cannot create jobs for themselves neither can start their own business. The young mothers are invisible and outcast from their own family and society.The government also doesn’t have any strategy to help them. They cannot apply for any loan since they don’t meet the eligibility criteria set by the banks or other funding agencies. They are not even 18, and they have nothing to offer as a security deposit for the loan they need. YSMF has economic empowerment program which aim to support teenage mothers to gain knowledge, skills and train them on various issues related to income generation activities.

–  Handmade products.


We train the young mothers to enable them to attainspecific skills to make handmade products and sell. The young mothers are trained to make hand bag, shoes, carpets, cleaning materials like soap, accessories and sewing.


Agriculture Projects.


YSMF managed to buy 10 acres of land. One of the objective of having that land is to carry out agricultural programs to support the young mothers with activities that will help them to find a job or to be self-employed and learn how to make a living by animal keeping, farming and with other various agricultural activities.

Mama Course Project

 YSMF managed to advocate for the rights of young mothers education and at least provide them an opportunity to join Community Development colleges to learn various skills and knowledge which can help them to get jobs. The collaboration with MorogoroMunicipal  helpedsome of the young mothers to be accepted to join the college for farther training on building skills like driving, sewing, or electrical and mechanical engineering skills.




The biggest challenge is the Lack of resources and fund to run this project according to the current need.

The number of young mothers interested to produce handmade product is big compare to the resources that we have. We only have 3 donated sewing machines which is not enough compare to the number of those interested to learn.

 The Young Mothers who got an opportunity to join college are not having any financial support. Due to lack of money or materials to meet the basic needs many failed to go ahead with the training because they cannot afford to pay for study materials, examination fee, transportation cost to and fro school and to feed their children back home while she is attending college. Unfortunately,YSMF has no resources to take care of their basic needs.  


We invite you to DONATE one sewing machine for 5 young mothers remember “Women’s Development Matters: Engaging the global economic by leaving NO African women behind especially the vulnerable groups like young mothers.