Message from the Founder

Jackie Leonard Bomboma, Founder and Executive Director , Young Strong Mothers Foundation

I become an orphan at a very young age that I don't know my biological parents. I grow up in the village at Kikungu - Tabora region raised by my grandfather on my father's side. Being raised by a grandfather, lack of sexual education.

basis need especially education and other needs life was so hard to handle, learn, and failed to build my dream At the age of 15, I became pregnant upon my first sexual encounter whereby I was 7 month pregnancy and I didn't know about it or even the people around me didn't know about it. I was all alone, ashamed, guilt, confused, scared and displayed denial of my pregnancy. Every one looked at me as a cussed girl, I was pushed to abort, I was kicked out of my small family that I had left to depend on. I cried day and night asking God why me?. Since then things was so hard and miserable for me. I never went to any clinic and when time came I gave birth on my way from collecting firewood. I was helped by two breeders who had returned from grazing their cattle and I am blessed to say that my daughter was born healthy despite the lack of prenatal care and family support.

Coming from a poor family with no parents or family members who took care of as a child; I witnessed some of the struggles fear, pain, abuse, hunger, lack of all needs for my child and I. I felt so bad for myself; I never loved myself and heated everyone. I was pushed door by door, all of opportunities were taken in front of my eyes, my daughter and I was called and given all types of bad names and treated the way people felt. I become a dust bin for anyone to throw anything bad. I meant nothing to everyone.  People were embarrassed of me, they felt worthless to help me stand again, it was hard with by child on my back. 

Despite many adversities and obstacles through-out my adolescence and young adult years, I decided enough was enough and I no longer wanted to remain on the negative side of the statistics of an orphan young mothers. I was given an opportunity to join secondary school and started schooling. Life in school was hard, tormented words, been laughed and bulled because I am a teen mother but all that meant nothing my dream was to prove to myself and others that I become a mother by many reasons and that is not what i dreamt of prayed for, being an orphan and a teen mother is not the end of your dreams. You can still be better and save others too. I worked hard in school although the pain and hate was so greater which made me work harder with mission.

I obtained the concept of starting Young Strong Mothers Foundation to be the example and inspiration to all teenage mothers who passed or are passing what i went through and gave up in life and failed to stand and support their children after seeing that it is possible. You can re-build your lost dreams, you can build your own future and for your child if you get support and ear to hear you out. I always kept the vision hidden away in my heart and hoped one day to bring the vision forth. In 2012, a strong sense of urgency came over me, saying it's time to bring the vision forward after being employed several time and learned different leadership skills and knowledge to run an organization. At that moment I knew it was God speaking and immediately started my research planning and organizing documents in preparation and in February 2015 Young Strong Mothers Foundation was officially registered. It was just like a joke, my daughter and I started working on it, building logo, name, and it was so good seeing my daughter very supportive and willing to stand for what we believed that will help many abandoned children and teenage mothers. I believe through the struggle, endless tears and loneliness God was preparing me for this very moment.

My concentration has been to the organization and my child ever since, The organization has now grow and still growing as we have 360 adolescent and teen mothers whom are under different programs including education empowerment, economic empowerment, health and counselling and motivation as well as other opportunities. I believe that everyone can have the drive and motivation to accomplish any and everything that they set their mind on. I want to encourage our youth, along with other young mothers and; that if I can overcome and succeed, and we become the home of hope and inspiration to vulnerable girls and young women especially crisis teen mothers then so can you, what you need is self awareness, accept change, focus, and believe in God meanwhile you're working hard. Doesn't matter who pushes you away, who you lose, your with or without parents, you can still build the future you deserve and “never ask for fish instead ask to be taught how to fish. I am now a happy proud mother of beautiful smart daughter, Rose 14 making 14 years old on 20/05/2016 and a supportive teen mother crisis of other vulnerable girls and teen mothers.

Being a new organization we face technical experience, and still struggling with resource and fund mobilization. On behalf of girls who face many challenges which might lead to school dropout and possibilities of becoming teen mothers and to support crisis teen mothers and their children I call upon self-felt contribution for anything you can manage to give. Even the remain of ½ pads, pen, books, clothes that you no longer need, shows, can be much of the help to these girls and their babies. Also, you can devote your time to train and share any of your skills or talent and this will as well be much of help. Don’t sit back, just imagine, and put in your life, your daughter, your sister, or relative what would you have done to help her?

If you have an answer then just email me at jackie.bomboma@ysmf.org or visit us at our office Tushikamane Center, Kilakala Road or give a call at 0754 200102/0785908095 OR DONATE directly through our account at:-

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0152319559200

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