Greetings from YSMF

Greetings from YSMF
Greetings from YSMF

Greetings from Young Strong Mothers Foundation. Today is a new blessing day because we are still strong and moving on better than Yesterday. The greatest thing in this world is, at any time any moment we must be willing to give up who we are in order to become all that we can be for the sake of ourself and morely others. Everyone of us has the ability to change, to dream, to hope and to become better in all facets of life. The only difference is how do we utilize those capabilities we have?

The wealth thing is that everyone has the opportunity to improve and become who he/she wishes to become.

It is said that the greatest room in the house is the room for improvement. Life offers every human being a second chance thus,there is always a golden opportunity to football player to arise from goal drought and then get into a goal scoring spree.

This organization of YSMF is all about moving every young mother from where they are to where we ought to be. Is all about balancing the wheel of our kids and our lives. We believe that we can change and improve our phyisical, financial,emotional, and spiritual health and mind. We can improve our way of living,career and business. Our families, friends and society who was disappointed on us can feel our influence in their lives and build trust and believe in us again. We can make it happen.

Its all about the thoughts we plant in our mind. Remember, as a man thinketh so he becomes. Its not about the number of certificates we holds, awards, or working experience but its all about positive thinking and attitude that we have van take the wheel to who we wish to become because we believe that we can alter the course of our lives by altering our attituted. Most of the time the  difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is their attitude in life. Lift your attitude higher than your aptitude.

YSMF will motivate and will sow inside your seeds of encouragement, success, victory, overcoming, hard working strong woman, self sacrifice, comitment , self awareness, hope, self respect, determination, courage, confidence, self belief and many more which will help you to become the wife material, best mothers, good business woman, good firmer, speaker, teacher to others and other fruitfully person in ourselves.

The Australian Evangelist John Mason one he said " You were born an original, never die a copy" The greatest tragedy will be to lose your fear of the mistakes you made and command the power of success that you had before having a child.

YSMF will find your talents, skills and abilities and help you to live your dreams now and always "Be a part of Young Strong Mothers Foundation to become who really are meant to be. Remember, your not a second hand woman your a young and strong"  beautiful woman and mother.

Young Strong Mothers Foundation is willing to stand and fight for the voice of voiceless young mother, to re-build the dreams and all vandalized talents of each of us to a good and possible life of childhood dream.

God will be there for us now and always, what we need is our strength, termination and being ready to start.

YSMF THE HOME OF HOPE AND INSPIRATION For every Young Mothers al over the World, started with Tanzania.

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