Overall Objectives

Our number one objective is to see that every single mother who is a school dropout get a second chance to finish her education cycle or get an opportunity of getting best education regarding on her area of interest might be primary school, secondary school, college or vocation training institutes. We believe that educate is the key too all other objectives and life to young single mothers once they get a golden second chance.

1. To enable single mothers and teen mothers to cope with the situation by: 

  • Finding them.
  • Counseling and motivate them.
  • Give a second chance to go back to school again and finish their education cycle.
  • Supporting the children (Educational and material support).
  • Training them use their talents and skills.
  • Helping them to be aware of their environment and take their lives into their hands
  • Helping them to start income generative projects or other community projects beneficial to them and their communities
  • counseling them throughout the pregnancy up to delivery
  • ensuring that they have the basic necessary material, food and clothes for themselves and their babies during delivery
  • Encouraging them to do prenatal consultations and all the examinations necessary for their health and the health or their babies.

2. To promote positive and supportive attitudes towards teen mothers by:

  • Increasing public awareness of the implications of abandoning young single mothers using mass media
  • Identifying and opposing discriminatory attitudes and practices and campaigning for positive approaches towards teen single mothers.
  • Identifying ways in which the quality of life of young single mothers can be improved and campaigning for their introduction.
  • Working with and seeking to work to influence individuals and organizations whose activities are, or could be, of benefit to teen single mothers.

3. To prevent teen pregnancies, sexual diseases including HIV/AIDS by:

  • using a participatory approach that consider young people needs within their environment
  • Introducing small educational groups that allow young people to critically reflect to their own situation in a safe environment.
  • Identifying and researching better ways of preventing teen pregnancies
  • Searching more appropriate ways to involve communities in sexual and reproductive health and utilizing these ways

4. To influence public and social policies that affect teen mothers and their children by:

  • Identifying areas where action is needed to meet the needs and aspirations of teen and young mothers.
  • Seeking to influence those who formulate policies; so that they take full account of the implication of abandoned teen mothers in all major aspects of living.

5. To ensure a healthy single mother by:

  • encouraging and teaching about family planning to avoid future unwanted pregnancies
  • teaching them about HIV/AIDS issues and other sexual diseases
  • Training on nutrition development.

6. To develop resources that will enable us to achieve the above objectives by: 

  • developing an awareness and understanding of YSMF and its need for support;
  • Securing a long term national, international and local founding needs from fund and material raising, grants the provision of training and other services.
  • Recruiting, motivating and equipping staff with the required expertise, skills and knowledge. 

7. To provide legal aid services to the needy, women against violence, children protection affairs and widows' rights trough:

  • proper education that will rise awareness on the procedures to pursue their rights in relevant authorities through various programs/channels
  • Assisting individuals and society at large in solving the disputes among themselves without invoking to the court of law procedures that are cumbersome. 
  • reducing the rate of human rights violation in the societies themselves by the family members and the governing bodies from the local Authorities to the central governing authorities.

8. To facilitate direct legal representation in courts of law and tribunals to the poor women where necessary. 

  • To educate and provide advice on how good governance and rule of law should be, the roles of the leaders and that of the society.
  • To educate the society on identifying the projects to be prioritized for their development, get information on the source of funds, disbursed funds and its management.
  • To assist the audience of the rights of vulnerable groups such as people living with HIV, people with disabilities, women, widows, children and aged, and marginalized people in pursuing their rights.
  • To act as an implementing agency for any humanitarian organizations. 
  • To deal with protection of environmental rights as to conserve the natural resources and reserves for the benefit of the people as human rights are associated with clean environments, to say clean water, air and foods available.
  • Sensitize on gender issues prepare and air radio and TV programs, arrange with the print media on issues related to gender equality and rights.
  • Prepare and publish different reading materials related to human rights.
  • To link the expertise, the governing authorities and the community in issues of human rights, development and good governance.
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