Founder & C.E.O Message

Jackie Bomboma - Founder & C.E.O Message

As the World is implementing the Millennium Developments Goals which focus on human well-being; (the first six i.e. Poverty and Hunger Eradication, Achieving Universal Education and Gender Equality, Reduce child mortality, Improve maternal health, Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases), Young Strong Mothers Foundation (YSMF) is working round the clock to ensure that the fundamentals needs of Tanzania’s vulnerable and disadvantaged young mothers and their children are being addressed.

YSMF stands out as a warm ‘Home of Hope, solutions and Inspiration’ to vulnerable teenage mothers and their children.

Lack of proper distribution of resources and accountability to these resources, poor governance and corruption in under-development countries has raised poverty levels as well as widening gap between the rich and the poor. This gloomy situation has resulted into a rise of teenage pregnancies, lack of access to primary formal education, poor sanitation and poor housing conditions, environmental degradation and very low standards of living especially to single parents.

The issue of teenage and young motherhood is increasingly becoming a serious matter, basically due to the social ills affecting the vulnerable poor families, lack of sexual and reproductive health education, lack of education to parents and care givers, lack of basic needs, lack of right information as well as fear of breaking the traditional norms and taboos of open discussions on sex and relationships to the young ones. Currently school girls between the ages of 11 to 18 years are finding themselves pregnant and hence dropped out from school.

Young Strong Mothers Foundation (YSMF) was formed specifically to make an intervention to curb this situation and support livelihoods of the teenage mothers and their children. YSMF tasks include to bring the young mothers together, help them re-build their lost dreams and confidence and ensure they are able to stand up strong and care for their children. It provides a bridge between teenage mothers and their children to the government, stakeholders, families and society.  YSMF is excited for being part of the transformation of teenage mothers and their children.

We offer counseling, mentoring and motivation, formal and informal education, economic empowerment, skills for life training, nutrition programs, parenting and health service. We also offer short term support such as Medicare, food, clothing, educational materials and shelter.

We are therefore, seeking for well wishers, partnership with private and public institutions, Governments intervention to enable us to help our sisters and their families achieve their dreams for which we believe will go a long way towards their socio-economic development and that of our Nation as a whole.


Email: jackie.bomboma@ysmf.orgjackiebomboma@gmail.com

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