Current Challenges

We have just started YSMF but our dream is bigger than the challenges. Here are some challenges that we invite well wishers and those who believe in the above possibilities:-

  1. YSMF lacks the financial resources to start its full scale operations (we have to operate from home until we are able to rent our own office). This also applied to purchasing of office equipment - furniture, printer and stationery. YSMF urgently requires a desktop computer or laptop. Any donation is welcome. In the initial phase, YSMF will require financial support towards its annual operating budget for at least 3-5 years (with the level of support decreasing every year).
  2. Weak partnerships - Being a new organization we welcome organizations that are ready to partner with us in the above partnerships. We can sign MOUs to work with different organizations once we agree to pursue the same goals. YSMF seeks partnerships along the areas of focus.
  3. Capacity building of the current leaders on leadership skills, HR, strategic planning, project management and financial management as the important pillars of an organization. YSMF welcome training support to its leaders on the above competencies.
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