Young Strong Mothers Foundation is a great source of encouragement for young mothers to further their education after giving birth. Its only via education empowering can give endless heritage wealthy to them. This encouragement is the best gift you can offer to a young teen mother who is a school drop out to succeed complete her education cycle. Get involved. You will be surprised how great you feel and what great things can happen when you give others the opportunity to do their best and re-build their dreams for the better future of their children and themselves. Their Mothers by many reasons, but still kids who need your support to put smile and slay all other evil options to sustain her living. Invest in a teen mother via Education to secure the life of her kid and her self for better tomorrow.

Greetings from YSMF

Greetings from Young Strong Mothers Foundation. Today is a new blessing day because we are still strong and moving on better than Yesterday. The greatest thing in this world is, at any time any moment we must be willing to give up who we are in order to become all that we can be for the sake of ourself and morely others. Everyone of us has the ability to change, to dream, to hope and to become better in all facets of life. The only difference is how do we utilize those capabilities we have?

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Mafunzo ya ujasiriamali kwa akina mama mkoani Morogoro

YSMF inaendesha mafunzo ya ujasiriamali kwa akina mama wenye umri mdogo ,Sisi kama YSMF tunaamini katika falsafa ya kuinuka baada ya kujikwaa na kwamba… Read More

Shirika lasaidia waliopata mimba mapema Tanzania.

Mimba za utotoni ni tatizo kubwa katika nchi nyingi zinazoendelea, zikiwepo nchi za Afrika Mashariki. Young Strong Mothers Foundation ni asasi inayosaidia… Read More

Babies Having Babies

As any other country already beset by rampant crime and violence, high unemployment, racial turbulence and widespread transmission of the HIV virus, Tanzania… Read More

You are Striving to Raise Your Children in Righteousness and Truth,

Our message is for the young single parents in the World, the majority of whom are single mothers's you valiant women who, through the varying circumstances… Read More

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